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quiver is the

music composition laboratory of Michael Aharon

(and a loose affiliation

of like-minded composers 

and musicians).


Drenched in the 

NYC talent pool,

quiver creates all kinds of music

in a real recording studio 

full of real instruments. 

Michael Aharon

is an Argentina-born, Philadelphia-raised, New York-based

composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist. 

He began his production career working out of Philadelphia's famed Sigma Sound Studios, where he produced albums for folk and rock artists, while also arranging hit tracks for pop artists such as Backstreet Boys, Dru Hill, Silk, Patti LaBelle and Mya.  He received several Gold and Platinum Records for his work with those artists.  In addition to his credits as a producer and synth-programmer/arranger, he has performed on maybe a hundred CDs as a session player on cello, bass, piano, guitar and a wide variety of string and percussion instruments.


In 1999 he opened MAJA Music, an original-music-for-picture house and 4-studio audio-post complex in Old City Philadelphia. He moved to New York and opened his current studio, Quiver, in 2007.

He has scored numerous award-winning documentaries, and his songs have appeared

on TV shows including Dawson’s Creek,  Dora the Explorer, and Dora & Friends: Into The City.


Michael has lectured at several Universities on the subjects of Music for Picture and Creative Collaboration.


He has won numerous Addy awards for his work in advertising, having scored hundreds of spots for clients including

AAA, AARP, Bayer, Comcast, Crestor, Cuisinart, EpiPen, KFC, Lifestyles, Modell's, Samsung, Sears Optical, Showtime, Stainmaster, Time-Warner Cable, Toys ‘R Us, Verizon, Wells Fargo, and in 2008, The Philadelphia Phillies and Barack Obama,

who went on that year to win The World Series and the Presidency, respectively.

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